CERT College Scholarships

The CERT Scholarship Program was created to meet the unforeseen need of today’s Indian college students. CERT Scholarships may be used for books, living expenses, clothing, or other similar needs to assist students in defraying the high costs of education. The award is a gift from CERT and should not be counted toward any financial aid the student is currently receiving. A CERT Scholarship is not based on financial need.

CERT Scholarship Program applicants must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must also submit the following documents with a complete application:

Fall Applications due September 15
Spring Applications due February 15

Application Form

For more information, contact:
Clint LeBeau, Program Assistant
Council of Energy Resource Tribes
3545 S Tamarac Drive, Suite 320
Denver, CO 80237
P(303) 282-7576 ext. 12
F(303) 282-7584


Tribal unemployment is high, from as much as 85-90% to a low of 15%. Over half of the Indian families living in their homelands have income under than the official poverty line, some by as much as 25%.